Wednesday, December 23, 2009

To our many family and friends who are finding our blog, we welcome you.
This is something new for our family... as I sat last year doing our picture collage
newsletter, I knew it was going to be the last! Thanks to technology, I can post through the year, and you can check back every once in a while and see what we are up to!!

As this year draws to a close, we are happy to look back and see what we've accomplished and MORE importantly who has been a part of our lives. He are so grateful for loving family and dear friends.

We hope at this Christmas season, you will take the time to remember the one little baby that it is all about, Jesus Christ. We, as a family have a strong testimony and conviction that HE LIVES! We love him and his life and example for us to follow.

With the warmest Holiday wishes for a wonderful season and exciting new year,
The Morrill Family... enjoy!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

McKaye is 3 and in pre-school
She is such a sweet girl most of the time, and the other time... STUBBORN!!! She is either telling me that I am the bestest mommy in the world or the meanest!! When she grows up, she wants to be a rock star!
she is taking dance class with Ana and is loving it!! She dances and sings all the time! She is our little sweetheart, and we all adore her!!
For Christmas, she wants Barbie's, Polly pockets and candy!!
Ana is 5 and in Kindergarten
She is LOVING kindergarten. Ana can already read many sight words, and is learning quick and having fun. The hardest part is waking up in the morning!! She loves doing any kind of art, and is constantly drawing beautiful pictures for everyone. She said she wants to be an artist when she grows up! She is a sweet girl, and wants makeup for Christmas!

Shane is 7, and in the 2nd grade
He is working hard at school and doing real well. We are especially pleased with his spelling and reading. He had a hard time last year with his reading, so we are so thrilled that it has finally "clicked" for him!! He can pick up most anything and read!
Other than that, he just loves to play!! He's got many good friends, and can always find some fun things to do. Shane is looking forward to skiing this Christmas break!
For Christmas Shane wants a race car set!

Peder is 13 and in the 7th grade
He graduated from el. school last spring and was very excited to move onto middle school.
This fall he was on the 7th grade football team and had a lot of fun. He also helps me out a ton with the little kids. He's a great baby sitter! (and is very rich also)
During the summer, he got to do an acting camp for two weeks, and perform Suessical the Musical at the end of the camp for us. It was great!
He also went to scout camp in August, and has a great scout troop that gets out and goes camping each month.
Peder is into the game Warhammer. It's a strategy game, kind of like risk, however you have little figures that you paint, and make your army with (He and Mark are both into it) They have 6+ hour battles with their friends who are also into it.
Peder also enjoys reading books, and spending as much time with his friends as possible!!
For Christmas Peder wants more warhammer pieces!

Ammon is 15 and a sophomore in high school.
Last spring he was in the school musical, Guys and Dolls, and had a blast.
This summer he enjoyed going to wrestling camps and to the National Freestyle comp. in ND.
In Aug., he went back packing with the teachers quorum at church and did about 25 miles! lots of fun!
This fall he played football, which he loves!! if only he were much bigger!!!
He is wrestling on the varsity team at 140lbs, and having a lot of fun.
one of his favorite classes in school is shop. He is great at all that technical/creative stuff.
Ammon wants a long board for Christmas!

Mark is 16 and a Junior in high school.
Last spring he did the high jump in track. He was only able to compete the last half of the season, because he had an injury to his shoulder that he was recovering from. He also spent most of the summer healing from the same injury. But, he isn't the moping type, he had a lot of fun with his friends, while his brothers were away.
He did get to go on the 50 mile hike in Aug, and enjoyed that a lot.
This fall, he played football again and had so much fun! He is into the wrestling season now, and is doing amazing at 189 lbs (going down to 171 soon)! his record so far is 11-1!!
He continues to do art (drawing and painting). He is very talented!
Mark wants his license for Christmas (and more warhammer too)!!

Micah is 18 and a senior in high school!!
Last Spring he tried something new, and was in the school musical, Guys and Dolls, and found out that he can sing and act!!
He competed in the WA state Freestyle tournament last spring and placed first, so he went on to the National camp and comp. in Fargo, ND. (This was his first freestyle season)
He spent his summer at wrestling camps in MI, and WA. and also enjoyed hiking with the priest quorum at church for their 50 miler.
This fall, he did cross country and completed his Eagle Project in scouting. He is now officially an Eagle Scout!!!
He has also visited a few College campuses and is in the process of applying and trying to decide where he wants to go next year. He knows he want to wrestle, and he wants to study communications and firefighting. We'll have to keep you posted~!
He is now enjoying his last wrestling season in high school, is wrestling at 160 lbs. and at this point is 10-0!!
Micah wants a laptop for Christmas!

Liz (I) am trying to get used to living in a constant state of exhaustion! Trying to keep up with seven kids and their busy schedules (ok, mainly the oldest four, while dragging the younger 3 along!) No, really it is tiring, but I know it is so worth it (or so I've been told by those who's kids are grown and gone!) Other than the kids, I have fun taking pictures of other people and their beautiful families (you can check out my photography blog by clicking on the link on the right), reading a good book when I can (mostly listening to them on my ipod) and I really enjoyed training (walked about 450 miles during training) for and walking in the Breast Cancer 3-day walk in Sept. It was an amazing experience! I would of never thought I could walk 60 miles in 3 days! I raised almost $3000.00 for the cause and met some amazing life long friends in the process. If you were one of those who donated, I again thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Rob had a good time this year going hiking with Micah and Mark on a 50 miler, working on Micah's Eagle project this fall, spending time with the guys and working on wrestling skills, watching Micah and Ammon as part of the Washington state team at the National comp. in July in Fargo, ND (Liz got to go too) and also stayed plenty busy with work and travel.

Rob and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary last month!

yup, that's our crazy family!
Seven Kids... Seven different personalities.. seven different shoes!

Last Saturday (Dec. 19th) we had our ward Christmas Santa Breakfast. It was yummy food, good friends and Santa of course!!
this is Ana telling him what she wants!
Mckaye is a little shy, but was thrilled to sit on the jolly mans lap!
Here is a cute video that my friend got of McKaye dancing with Santa
Mark was asked to Tolo by his fried, Annaliese, They had a great time. Mark always has a blast while dancing! (I think it might be in the jeans) We don't do tux rentals for all the dances (just prom), so Mark was excited to get a new suit coat that would be worn more that just once. He's so handsome!
this is the group they went with. Lots of fun!!
yeah, the guys are working it!!
Ana, McKaye and our neighbor Emma (all in the back by the chairs) are in dance class right now. They just started this fall, so they got to do back up dancing for two other students, at our ward talent show!! they were great hyenas!!

Peder had fun playing football on the middle school team. This is after the last game, the chilli bowl played against their rivals, Valley View. (hence the "chilli bowl" on his head. )
Micah, Mark and Ammon are in a singing group at school call Crimson Singers. they sang down town for the Holidays-

We had a talent show at church and most all of the crimson singers came and sang for us. It was great!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

On the 5th of December, Micah went to Tolo with his girlfriend, Amanda. We went over to one his friends house's (Alex) and met with the group of friends that were all going to the dance together.
Amanda, pinning on the flower and Micah being a nut!

Great group of kids!!
the beautiful young women... by the way.. it was below 30* that night!!! brrrr!!!
well at least the guys stayed warm!
Micah with his good friend, Tara.
Micah with another great friend, Alex.
November was "no shave November" and Mark graced us with his beard all month!!! -

Family Home Evening- Each Sunday or Monday night, we take an evening to spend as a family. On this night, Ammon had the lesson, he did an object lesson... something to do with doing what is right, satan tempting us, and when that happens..

well, it makes a mess of our lives!!! so slick with Christ! - great lesson Ammon
Then we made cinnamon rolls together
and while they baked, we painted ornaments together.
Rob was being silly with some big black glasses, had us all laughing!!
Wrestling has started!!! Yeah!!
Our kids with the Proffit kids being crazy and having fun at the wrestling match

Coach Z (red shirt) with the guys
Mark putting on his trademark mover "the cradle" if someone is unlucky enough to be put into this move by Mark, there is no escape!!! He is just too darn strong!! He is wrestling 189 right now, and will also wrestle at 171 as the season goes on.

This Thanksgiving, we had my brother Jay and his wife Leisa and their two kids Jason and Kaeley over. We had fun playing, eating and spending time together.
The girls playing out in the wrestling room-

We also had fun painting ornaments
The boys playing Jason's game

Sunday, December 6, 2009

VW Bug = hitting?

Alright, here I go trying my hand at actually writing a post instead of using pictures!

About a month ago, after getting Shane and Ana onto the school bus one morning, the bus driver waved me over so she could talk to me. She related what had happened the day before...

Ana who was sitting right behind her hauled off and hit the bus driver on the back of the head!!! The bus driver said, "Ana, you can't do that!" and Ana's reply... grey slug tag backs!

She said the other bus drivers were having a good laugh over that one!!

(and for those of you who don't know the "game" when you see a VW bug, you say those words, although in our house it is forbidden!!! (and that was even before this happened)

This is Juliann, and her cute son Adam (one of her three kids) She came from N.H. for the wedding. She too was one of my young women. I was so fun to spend time with her again. She's so beautiful! ( this picture was suppose to be where the duplicate is below, but since I don't know how to rearrange, that's just how it is!)

On November 21st, our dear friend of many years, Rachel, married Sean Quigley, in the Draper Utah, LDS temple for time and for all Eternity!! We are so happy for Rachel and Sean. It was also so great to see all of her family and many other friends who made it for the wedding also.

Here we are at a dinner the night before for a surprise bridal shower and a baby shower too!
Rachel and Dana were best friends and two of my behives in young womens, when they were babysitting for us 14 years ago!!! We love them both! and many times when our boys would get hurt or in trouble, they would ask for either Dana or Rachel!!! (btw, Dana is having a BOY at the end of Jan!!!)
While in Salt Lake Rob and I visited Temple Square. This is part of the huge life sized Nativity that they have on the lawn. It was very cool!
Rob and I. This was also a get away to celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary! and frankly I was just looking forward to SLEEPING... (I am in a constant state of exhaustion from my busy life) Well, Rob met me in SL, after spending two weeks flying around the world for work (Japan, Korea, France) so his body was on a totally different schedule!! the first morning when I had planned to catch up on much needed sleep, I was awaken by a light on.. I asked what time it was, he said 5 AM!!!! and I was so ticked off, I couldn't even get back to sleep!!! (I forgave him eventually!!!) -
back to the wedding! Rachel with her nephews
with her beautiful sisters and sister in law
the Defreese Family... every one of their kids baby sat for us, or did yard work etc.. we LOVE this family!! they are amazing! It has been so fun to see them all grow up and become such wonderful adults.
Mother and Daughter. I love this picture! Both beautiful.
woops, sorry duplicate... how do I delete pictures???

Rachel and I- Love ya Rach!
one more, being silly!