Monday, June 29, 2009

Our Cousin, Nathan came for a visit, while he was in the Seattle area, (and before he drove to Alaska along with a friend).  We had a lot of fun playing games and chatting.  - Nathan is living in Colorado right now (originally from NY) going to grad. school - awesome guy!
On June 10th, we sent balloons to Evan and wished him a happy 2nd birthday.  Evan passed away last Sept.- What a touching birthday.  I had just met Bridget (mommy to Evan) in Sept. at church.  She has 4 boys and was just about to have a little girl.  - I felt an instant connection. Two days later, Evan died and one week later, baby Jocelyn was born. How does one deal with the loss? I know it hasn't been easy for this amazing family.  I am grateful to know them and of their devotion and love for one another and the gospel. Thanks Bridget and Tymon for sharing with us!  

sorry, don't know how to delete the copy?? new to this!
Shane loved his two teachers, (they team taught) - Mrs. Gervais and Mrs. Brandvolt

Peder Graduated from the Sixth grade!!

20 years from now, Peder wants to be either a chef or a Chemestry teacher! - I guess we'll have to wait and find out about that one!
Peder received an award, for consistantly working hard on his school work and studies.Peder with his great teacher, Mrs. Spaetig
Peder with good friend, Marshall- what handsome guys! - watch out all you middle school girls!!

Here are a few great art project that were auctioned off at the school carnival.  this first one was done by Shane's class.  So cute.  
Here is Shane's angel!! 

Here another art piece that I just loved and really want to duplicate and put up on my wall! the life cycle of a butterfly, done in finger print art.  it was so cute!

We had a fun time at the Dutch Hill El. carnival.  It had a western theme

Peder rode the "bull" for 85 seconds.  they couldn't knock him off!!!  (He could hardly walk the next day!!- his legs were a bit sore!)
Shane loved this!!

Here is a preview of some "modeling" pictures I took of Micah and a few of his friends, you can see more by going to my photography blog- just click on the picture to the side, it will take you right there!! 

This is Tara- so beautiful!

Amanda is a natural model!!
Nick - very handsome
Micah- what a stud

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My baby is 3 years old!!  Yikes! 
Mckaye got a beautiful "princess" night gown for her birthday
For Memorial Day we met a few friends at Flowing lake and played for the day. 

these guys may look tough, but they are really freezing! they took the conoe out and turned it about three time!! burrr!!! making memories!! 
Mark and the girls!! sweet! (they also ended up turning the conoe a few times and got a ride from a nice boatsman back to the beach - burr!) - more memories!
Makaye was all smiles in her life vest!
group shots!

It was such a beautiful day a few weeks ago (at the start of all our great weather) we went and played at the park for the evening
Mark- major core strength!
Shane and Ana
Mckaye racing down the slide
all of our monkeys!! 
this picture is modeled after one my family (Eves) took about 30+ years ago, but we had a few more in our picture! (11) I'll have to see if I can get a copy onto my blog
Mark turned 16 on April 30th - We had quite a few teens over to celebrate!! 
How many teens can you fit on a trampoline?? hummm ....
part of the kids were outside on the deck playing one game
while part of them were inside playing another

We had a band!!! Micah's friend from Camano Island (Howard Willard - white shirt on guitar) and friends came and played for us.  THEY WERE SO AWESOME!!! (even the five police units that showed up at our house just as the party was ending agreed!) not sure what they are calling themselves, so I'll just call them the "Howard Flash Band" - they played for about an hour and it was great! anyone looking for a band, give me a call, I'll hook you up! 
John Flyod and Mark have been friends since they were 1 year old! John came and visited from CA!! 

Yummy... smore's!! 
Everyone in the wrestling room! what's a party at the Morrill's without a little sweaty wrestling???
Happy 16th Birthday Mark!!! 
group shot!! 
The spring musical was Guys and Dolls.  Micah and Ammon both had a part in it, and they had such a blast!! Micah played the part of Harry the Horse and Ammon was one of the crap shooters also (no name) They both realized that they can sing! and act! (I guess all those silly reunion talent shows payed off!) 
The Play was outstanding! I went to every perfomance! It was student directed for both the acting and the orchestra.  They ended up adding three more shows because it was so popular! 
Another thing that came from this, is that all three boys tried out for a select choir called Crimson singers and they all made it!! (there are only about 18 students in this choir)

Nathan Proffit (middle) played one of the main parts- he has an amazing voice!
Micah - Harry the Horse

Hannah Whipple played Adalade- She also directed the play ! She has an AMAZING voice and talent!~

Ammon and Micah had solos

Ammon was a great dancer!

the fight scene! 

All of these kids did such a great job, it was sad to see it end!!! We are all looking forward to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers next spring!