Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Girls Weedend, Salt Lake City, UT

The first weekend of March, I was able to go spend the weekend with three of my sister, in Salt Lake.  We went to a comedy club - very funny (Like "who's line is it" show) We went to a spa and got facials and manicures/pedicures. We went to a play that was a parody of High school musical called "Home school musical" It was so funny!  We did a little shopping and on Sunday we went to see the spoken word on Temple square.  I had never done that before and it was really nice. My sister Rebecca took some pictures of the four of us in the empty train/bus station.  And then on Monday, we went through the Draper temple open house before heading back home.
My Sisters: Sally Me (Liz), Anita and Rebecca 
                                 Bec, Me, Sally, Anita
Rebecca also took some awesome pictures of Sally and her family.  This one is my favorite!! Her girls names are Kate, Emily and Lindsey.  (and Ryan - her hubby) 
some great shots on temple square

It the hotel, our faces are glowing after our facials
                     My beautiful Sister Rebecca, and my best friend
  Two more beautiful sister's Sally & Anita. They live 1 mile apart from each other!! 
                                                          Charlie's Angels! 

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kings of the Mat - Newspaper Article- March 2009

Written by: Garren Riechel 
For year, SHS wrestling has been closely associated with the Perry family.  But now, the sport may have another dominating name.  Micah, Mark and Ammon Morrill all were a part of the SHS wrestling team this past season.  Not only is it rare for three siblings to be on the same sports team, but the Morrill brothers all competed on varsity. 
Originally from Camano Island, The Morrills moved to Illinois in 2004, only to move back to Snohomish in 2008. And if that insn't crazy enough, Micah, Mark and Ammon are only the oldest three of seven kids, Micah being the oldest (a junior), followed by sophomore Mark, and freshman Ammon.
All three were quick to point to their father, Rob Morrill, as the person who kick-started their wrestling career. "Wrestling has been something that's been in my family for a while, " said Rob, as his father (Micah, Mark and Ammon's Grandfather) was a wrestling coach. "I got them into the little league program when they were younger, much like most parents will sign their kids up for little league baseball or basketball," said their father.
The trio of wrestlers not only got an early start, they also have had a mat-room for themselves in their house for five years.  Mark said his dad "loves to pull us aside in the wrestling room and help us do drills and develop better skills." 
"Micah, as the oldest, has to take a natural role of leadership," said Coach Zabel.  "A lot of time it's challenging (being the oldest). Sometime I don't like it. Sometimes, I Love it," said Micah, summarizing his role of being  the oldest Morrill. However, when it comes to having bretheren on varsity alongside him, "I love it!" said Micah, "Actually, it was one of the coolest things ever. It was probably one of the best wresting memories I've had, wrestiling with all of them on varsity."
Although he said that they may not be as focused as him, Micah gave credit to both of his brohers as being "very hard workers. They have great personalities; I love them, he added, " and also, they're both single."
The sophmore, Mark "is very relaxed. He likes to think things through," said Zabel.  Reflecting on his brother-teammates, Mark said, " At first, it was kind of weird having brothers on the team. When your've got that kind of competition, it really helps your perfomance." Although he may be relaxed, Mark is also very determined. "I plan on going to State in the future, and I plan to win," he said with all seriousness.
Mark, as Zabel commented, likes to think about everything, and has even analyzed his brothers' wrestling styles. "Micah is an interesting match," reflected Mark.  "He's quick to execute his plan, and is very steadfast. Ammon, on the other hand, hasn't developed his own style of wrestling yet."  However, he still admits that Ammon has some "crazy moves and doesn't like losing." and so has a good chance of improving in years to come.
"Ammon is a goofball, he loves attention. He even names moves after himself," laghed Zabel.  Ammon did not start on varsity team, but eventually moved up to the same level of his two brothers. "It's pretty cool being on varsity with my brothers, but there is a lot of pressure. And my brother's like to kinda mess with me sometimes," said Ammon, "but usually  it's really nice. Whenever I wrestle they come up and give me tips and tell me how to act and everything.  It's really nice that they're looking out for me." 
Ammon respects his older brothers, especially Micah. "He's really cool," said Ammon, " I love watching him wrestle.  He's just really cool and help's me a lot." He said he also looks up to Mark, but laughed at the same time, saying, "Mark's just a big sofie."
Overall, "They're good kids," said Zabel. Rob Morrill agrees, and said "I'm just proud of my boys... All of them.  It's cool to see them grow into student-athletes and young men."

Mark in Mr. SHS Comp.

Mark was nominated by his classmate to be in the Mr. SHS competiton. there were only two guys from each grade that took part. It was a spoof on a male pageant.  It was so funny!! He did a great job! The above picture is his "casual attire" with his escort, they did a little dance.
Mark's "sport's attire" his wrestling uni.  He came out to the Rocky song and ripped his shirt and pant's off.  The crowd was going crazy!!

Swim suit comp. He walked to the rubber ducky song and threw rubber ducks to the crowd. 
the robe is coming off!!! 
talent- told a joke and solved the rubix cube in a couple minutes.
getting down with a couple of the other crazy guys who entertained everyone!- it was a fun night of laughs!! 

Ana's 5 - March 1st

Ana turned 5 on the 1st of March.  We had a fun family party.  She got her new outfit (and Mckaye got a matching one too) She also got a scooter and a back pack for next year when she goes to Kindergarten!! 

                         Sister's and bes friends  - doesn't get much better than that!
Micah takes the 3rd place in State 

Snohomish Took 2nd place. This was the best they have ever done    very exciting

Mark, Liz, Micah, Rob and Ammon.  What a fun weekend