Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Snohomish Homecoming Royalty 2009
Micah was an escort for his good friend, Alex in the Homecoming Royalty court
This is one of their "stunts" for their walk. They did some fun stuff (arm wrestle, dance, he rolled and pretended he was a cop with weapon ready, and he carried her the last bit) so cute! 
Alex won Homecoming Queen!! 
Alex with her Mom
goofy!! having fun with the Queen!! congrats Alex! you are beautiful inside and out!

20 Year High School Reunion!! I graduated from Redmond High School, and we had our reunion last weekend.  What a trip! so great to see old friends and talk.  High school was such a blast!  and most of these people were why it was so fun...this is about half of our "group" that we hung out with in high school, sure missed all those who didn't come!! 
It was fun to see Matt and Debbie Schupp  also, great friends. (Matt was my prom date)
On Sept 11-13th, I walked in the Breast Cancer 3-day, 60 mile walk.  It was such a great and hard experience! I met amazing people and just had a blast.  Not to mention some very sore feet and legs!!  - Thanks to everyone  who helped me by donating to my fundraising! a sea of pink walkers- 2200 walkers raise over 5 million in Seattle!
Most of the time I walked with an amazing women, Stephanie!  here we are taking cancer down!!
We slept in pink tents!! very cool! here I am on the second morning with a few of my team mates- kindred spirits rock!
Stephanie and I on the third day at Greenlake. The first day we walked 21.6 miles, the second day we walked 21.7 miles (very hard day!) and the third day we walked 15 miles.
Closing ceremonies! we are so excited when we walked into the memorial stadium and see our families cheering us on!

The sea of walkers with the survivors /walkers in the middle
happy!!! to be done and see my famiy
Love my kids! They all did a great job while I was away and Rob is such a stud for taking care of everything!! now, I need a REAL vacation!!! 
First Day of Shool 2009
Mckaye started pre-school after getting potty trained all on her own! she was so excited!!!
Ana's 1st bus ride.  I thought about shedding a tear, but she has so happy and ready for school, I was just so happy for her too!
Ana starts Kindergarten
Shane is in 2nd grade
Peder starts middle school in the 7th grade
Ammon is a Sophmore 
Mark is a junior
And Micah starts his last year in high school!!! Senior year!! yikes!!

THis is what all the high school kids wear to the football games!!! crazy spirit! This is Micah with his friends Alex and Derek and Peder
My Sister took these pictures of our family while in CA. She is an amazing photographer! Thanks Bec!! 

While in CA at the end of August we had so much fun hanging with our cousins - we love Aunt Rebecca and her family!!  um, yeah this would be the boys couch!!
and the girls chair!! 
At the end of August we were able to travel to Califonia to see some great friends, the Bartons who we knew in Il. Their son Will was married to Emily, at the Sacramento LDS Temple.  What fun!! 
Rob and Tim 
Loved the cake, it was actually all rice crispy treats under the frosting! (she doesn't like cake)
Liz and Diane
the girls with one of their favorite people!! Laura! ( we miss you!)
everyone had a lot of fun dancing at the reception
Peder was in a two week acting camp.  At the end of the two weeks, they performed for families.  They did Suessical the Musical.  One of our all time favorites! He was one of the Rickasham brothers.  He did a great job and had a lot of fun.
Rob, Micah and Mark went on a High Adventure hike in Aug.  They had a lot of fun with their scout troophmmm... not sure what is going on here, but looks like Michael has the best of Micah!
July 24th Pioneer Day Church activityPulling taffy
hammering nails
climbing greased poles- all activities the pioneers did! they may not of had as much fun as we did though!! 
Micah and Ammon were able to go to the National Wrestling competition in Fargo, ND in July as part of the Washington team.  This was for freestyle and  Grecco roman.  Rob and I flew there to see all the action.  It was a lot of fun! 

Ammon met Cael Sanderson.  Ammon told Cael his name, and Cael said "Ammon, are you LDS?"Ammon said yes! - Cael said "so am I" (we already knew that), he is an amazing wrestler.
this is the "black market" of wrestling.  Everyone sells or trades their wrestling singlets, jackets, shorts, whatever!! very crazy! the guys made some good trades.
Micah's cauliflower ear.  He uses needles to drain it himself, the Dr. didn't fix it!