Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Micah went to the Dr. yesterday to get his colliflower ear drained, so it wouldn't harden! He was a little bumbed to find out that he couldn't practice for a few days.  Not sure if he's following the Dr. advice right now or not? He's at practice!!!! 
This is after the Dr. numbed his ear. 
Pre-drain (Dr. wouldn't let me me take pictures while he was doing it), but he took a needle and drained it, they pinched his ear and got the rest of the blood out.
If you can't tell, the Dr. stitched Micah's ear together, like a quilt! To keep the layers together while it heals. 
Micah with his head wrapped to keep pressure on his ear.  I asked when I could take it off (assuming he would say later that day).  The Dr. said he needs to leave it on until he come's back to see me in a few dayS!!! I was teasing Micah, because he had a date planned for that afternoon with some friends.  THe Dr. said "'go for the pitty!" 

Rob is always checking out web sights that have good exercises for the boys, one of them he found, was where a guy did stand-ups using his wife as the weight, so they had to try it!! Ana was glad to play the weight! 
mark weight lifting Ana (about 48lbs?)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mark and Micah got their Letter Jackets for their Christmas gifts.  We went and ordered them 
Shane, Ana and McKaye went to Jungle Play land with our friends and had some fun! 
Shane and Jorren.  This was the only picture I got of these two.  They would hardly stop for this one! they were having so much fun.  
Mckaye, Ana and Brooklynn havin fun on the slides! 

Ana and Brooklynn climbing the wall
Micah (these pictures were taken at the senior night written about, below in the article.)
Mark ( you can see his leggs, he's in the black)  putting the cradle on his opponent
Published: Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Prep Roundup: Morrill brothers help Snohomish dominate

Herald Staff

SNOHOMISH - After moving all the way from Illinois, the three Morrill brothers seem to be fitting in quite nicely to the Snohomish wrestling team's winning ways. 

The Panthers won all but one match on Senoir Night, posting a 63-5 victory over Marysville-Pilchuch to improve their record to 6-1 in the Wesco North and 9-2 overall. 

"It's kind of been a pleasenat surprise with them (Morrill brother's) on the team" Snohomish head coach Rob Zabel said.  "We are pretty fortunate to have them." 

Ammon Morrill won by decision in the 130-pound class, Micah Morrill pinned his opponent in 1 minute 42 seconds in the 152-pound class, and Mark Morrill pinned his opponent in 3:45 in teh 171-pound class.

Our great friend, Rachel DeFreese came and visited us while she was in town.  She brought along her boyfriend, Sean.  We love ya, Rachel!! (Rachel was one of the brave young women to baby sit the four older boys when they were little guys)
Grandma Eves with the little kids.  She fixed Ana's blankey.  It was really falling apart on the one side, so we went and got some cupcake fabric.  Ana LOVES her blankey!!!  and her grandma!!
Christmas day, Aunt Leisa and everyone watching a movie on the computer. We finally bought ourselves a new T.V.  but decided to wait until after the Christmas rush! (notice Ana's blankey)
These pictures were talken the night before Christmas.  I couldn't get them to be serious! I guess they were all a little excited!  the three little kids got P.J's but the older four didn't, becasue I really didn't want to spend money on something they wouldn't wear!!  (

Monday, January 12, 2009

Panther Classic Jan 9th, 2009

Ana was in heaven talking with the cheer leaders.  She asked on if she could get her some clothes just like theirs!
The team took 1st
On Saturday, Micah, Mark and Ammon participated in the Panther Classic.  A wrestling meet that Snohomish hosts.  Ammon lost one, won one (to the varsity wrestler on our team, so he may be going on the varsity team, if he can beat him again this week in a challenge match for the spot- he's excited about that) , and then lost again! 
mark Won 2 out of three, then in the finals, his apponent didn't show up?? He placed 3rd.
Micah won all three of his matches, and then in the finals, he lost a very close match, and got
second place.   
The team took 1st place at the tournament.
I worked the conssesion stand the first half of the day, and Rob helped also.  Then around lunch time, I went home and got peder and the little kids (so nice living in town!! and having a built in babysitter) We all went back and were there until 8p.m.~  
We all slept really good that night!! 
The night before, on Friday night was a big match between Snohomish and Lk. Stevens, who is the major rival.  It was a dissapointing match, because all three boys lost their matches, but wrestled so hard!  But, like most dissapointing losses, you learn from your mistakes, and wrestle better.