Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Good Intentions...

Ok, well I had good intentions!

Ana came down with Strep throat last weekend. Luckily I went on my mothers intuition and
got into the Dr. right away. In fact the Dr. even questioned if the test was really right!! thank goodness he gave her some meds... she has been SICK!

and then...

For the last week, I have felt some incredible pain in my mouth! affecting the whole right side of my face and my head/major headache... so come to find out (and embarrassed to admit) that I needed a root canal! I don't think I have even been so nervous to go to the dentist! (and unfortunately I've had my share of cavities) So, Tuesday morning I was in the dentist chair, numbed to the hilt, listening to my ipod for some distractions.... and what do you know it wasn't that bad. Or at least I didn't feel a bit of pain. In fact, when they were close to being done, I could feel the pressure in my head go away! nice.
However, today... PAIN PAIN PAIN... I am thinking I am in need of some meds! tylenol and advil haven't touched it! OUCH. (I have a call into the dentist!)

and then...

Shane came home from school with a fever!

we are all going to bed early!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

suck a slacker!

I have been suck a slacker!! I haven't posted since the end of January!! So, now that I can sit down and think... (my kids are in school as of yesterday) I will make a effort to get this up to date and post some pictures of the year, and fun fun summer!